Lake Palić and the settlement are located 8 kilometers east of Subotica. The Great park, peace and quiet, and the authentic Art Nouveau buildings from the early 20th century make Palić a unique oasis. Lake has reached its peak of development as a spa and elite resort at the turn of the 19th to the 20th century. The architectural duo, which left an indelible mark on the architecture of Subotica, the architects Marcell Komor and Dezső Jakab, also presented Palić with some Hungarian-style Art Nouveau buildings, in which wood carvings reflecting folk art traditions were given a prominent place. Visitors can admire, among many things, the Water Tower, referred to as the symbol of Palić, the Grand Terrace, the Women’s Lido as well as the Bagojvar, in translation the Owl Tower, and the Vila Lujza, which were built in then fashionable Swiss style, with abundant use of wood and tiles of the famous Zsolnay ceramics. The central location of Palić is the Park Forest, which is located on the northern shore of the lake. The Summer Stage is located in the heart of the park, where many events are held during the summer. The hotels, restaurants, tennis court and many other entertainment facilities were built around the forest, which is like a central place.

Lake Palić is a lake of Eolithic origin, located east of Subotica in a crescent-shaped depression. Palics and its surroundings are under nature protection, thus preserving its characteristics (the lake, the park, the zoo, which are home to many plant and animal species). There are three beaches around the lake, and each has different services and attractions. You can read about Palić and the current programs here.

Our program offer

The real hustle and bustle is in the summer in Palić, from the first of May until the middle of October, there is an event to entertain the visitors every weekend. Guests can choose from a number of program options like: visiting the Zoo, fishing, 3 types of beaches, thermal baths, water sports, restaurants, bars, discos, open-air movies and theater performances in the summer, tennis courts, conference rooms, sports fields, hunting and recreational opportunities.

We particularly highlight the Furioso Riding Center, for those who like riding, which offers the opportunity to go on horseback tours, ride in a paddock, go on horse-drawn nature trips and carriage rides, but they also undertake the organization of various events for up to 50 people.